Squadron 5

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Squadron 5 - The Filthy Fifth Filthy Fifth’s atmosphere is one based on family, military tradition, physical fitness, and academics. The Fifth produces well-rounded leaders prepared to either join the military or the business world. With over [...]

Squadron 6


Squadron 6 Savage 6 Squadron 6 is an outfit for cadets interested in Government service. This includes a wide range of local, state and federal jobs like the CIA, FBI, DEA, DOD, State Department, law enforcement, fire fighters, game wardens, [...]

Squadron 20

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Squadron 20 Titans Titan 20 exists to develop well-rounded, physically fit, and highly educated leaders of exceptional moral character and confidence prepared to take on any challenge presented them in the military or civilian sector. We will ensure all cadets [...]

Squadron 23

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Squadron 23 Nighthawks The Nighthawks are specifically tailored to develop leaders regardless of gender or field of study. We have cadets involved in a wide array of ROTC special units and place our emphasis on academic success. We teach our [...]