Company C-2

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Company C-2 Old Army Cock Company Company C-2’s mission is to develop humble, academically successful, and physically fit leaders who, without compromise, value commitment, family, servant leadership, and others. They will be prepared to overcome the intellectual, physical and ethical [...]

Company E-2


Company E-2 The Mascot Company An outfit that prides itself on its professionalism, academic excellence, campus-wide involvement, and challenging environment. Holding the distinction of being the Mascot Company, E-2 has the privilege and responsibility of being the caretakers of the [...]

Company F-1


Company F-1 - Finest First An outfit steeped in history and tradition, Company F-1 created the Corps Brass that every cadet since 1960 has earned and worn and boasts an impressive record of military service both in [...]

Company N-1


N-1 Knights First in Sight, Ready to Fight In Company N-1, we produce well-disciplined cadet leaders who are ready to take on the challenges of a changing world. With a heavy emphasis on academics, drill, cadet involvement, and physical fitness, [...]

Company S-2


Company S-2 - The Marauders “Instill Terror, Have No Error” An outfit with a well defined emphasis on academic excellence and physical fitness. We pride ourselves on our successes in Athletics and Drill as well as the [...]