Joseph “Searcy” Bracewell, Jr. ’38

Searcy Bracewell received his bachelor of arts degree in History from Texas A&M. While at A&M, Mr. Bracewell was a member of the Ross Volunteers and drum major of the Aggie Band. Bracewell has compiled a remarkable record as an [...]

Willy Frank Bohlmann, Jr. ’50

Willy Bohlman received his bachelor's and master’s degrees in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M. Dual careers in the military and the engineering fields mark Bohlmann’s commitment to service. After finishing his fish year at Texas A&M in 1946, he was [...]

Colonel Harvey James Haas ’59

Colonel Harvey Haas received his Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M. He graduated as a Distinguished Military Student and was one of the few in his class who received a regular commission in the United States Air Force. [...]

Governor James R. “Rick” Perry ’72

Governor Perry received his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M. He was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Air Force upon graduation. He was a member of Squadron 6 and served as a junior and [...]