Lieutenant Colonel E.V. Adams ’29

Colonel Adams was director of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band from 1946 to 1973, longer than any other individual. Under Adams, the Aggie Band became one of Texas A&M’s most loved and enduring symbols—the most highly respected military marching band [...]

Major General Alvin R. Luedecke ’32

General Luedecke, a command pilot, reached the rank of brigadier general at age 33. He retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1958, after 24 years of active duty. He served as general manager of the Atomic Energy Commission for [...]

Harvey Cash ’33

A true Aggie in every sense of the word, Harvey Cash worked his way through Texas A&M and graduated in 1933 with a B.s. degree in electrical engineering. He retired as vice president of the Eastern Hemisphere for Texaco Oil [...]

Lieutenant General James F. Hollingsworth ’40

General Hollingsworth moved rapidly from second lieutenant to lieutenant general. During World War II, he participated in seven major campaigns, from North Africa to the occupation of Berlin in 1945. He successfully commanded units from platoon to a regimental-sized armored [...]